Personal Insurance Products

Personal Auto Insurance

Looking for auto insurance? Look no further. Our agency will help you find the right vehicle insurance for your car, truck or motorcycle. We work with a variety of insurance companies to help identify the best fit for your financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from a vehicle accident. We work with customers to negotiate specific terms of vehicle insurance.

Our bottom line: we offer packages – claims free, safe driver, & multi vehicle discounts – which could result in more money in your pocket.


Boat Insurance

Our boat insurance offerings cover the loss or damage of boats, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which the property. Call us today to discover what kind of boat insurance offering is best for you.


Condo Insurance

Most condominium associations insure the exterior building walls and common areas in the complex.   You are responsible for insuring your personal property, interior structures and personal liablity.  Call us today, we’re happy to quote a policy that offers coverage you need as a condominium unit owner.


Dwelling Fire Insurance

Dwelling Fire Insurance is typically designed for landlords of tenant-occupied, 1- to 4- unit dwellings. The policy protects your dwelling and can include other structures on the property. The dwelling fire policy can be tailored to also include premises liablity. We are happy to answer any questions you hae related to your dwelling fire insurance, just give us a call.


Farm Insurance

Farm insurance covers you whether you run a small or large operation. Call us today if you’re in need of a reliable agency that provides the best farm insurance policy for you.


Home Business

According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, 30% of homeowners operate a business from within their home. Over 66% of people working at home are self-employed and therefore, need home business insurance. More than half of the home-based business owners are underinsured. Protect yourself, and your business, today! Call the Samuel C. Hoff Agency, we’re here to help



The Samuel C. Hoff Agency provides customers with homeowners insurance they can trust and feel good about. Homeowner insurance policies combine personal insurance protections – losses related to the home and its contents, loss of use of the home resulting in additional living expenses, or loss of other personal property – with liability insurance for accidents that occur at the home/property. Call us today to let us shop your insurance rates with the numerous companies we represent.


Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle accidents are occurring at an increasingly high rate. Make sure you are covered today! Call the Samuel C. Hoff Agency and get insured.


Personal Umbrella

Umbrella insurance is your liability insurance policy protecting assets and future income in addition to your primary policies. Call the Samuel C. Hoff Agency today for more information about what policy is best for you.


Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance is offered by many insurance companies. The kind of RV insurance that suits your needs will depend on full time or part time usage. Premiums increase as you go from part to full time usage of your RV. Call the Samuel C. Hoff Agency to talk with an expert and learn more.


Renters Insurance

As a “tenant,” renters insurance covers your personal property against the same threats homeowners face. Call the Samuel C. Hoff Agency today for more information about what policy is best for you.


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